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Drive with Chip and see your vehicle in a whole new light. Chip gathers and reports technical information about your vehicle’s health so you can make better decisions. If you haven’t already, watch the Chip video.

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How you Drive
Chip shares with you HOW you drive. For example, how long your vehicle idles. Choosing not to idle is one of the simplest things you can do to help our environment and minimize damage to your vehicle’s engine.

Health Check
Chip can help educate you on why your check engine light is on. Giving you confidence on the road and when servicing your vehicle.

If you allow for push notifications, you can enjoy the benefit of service reminders specific to your vehicle and your driving habits.

Capture the road trips you share with your vehicle. It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

Capture and upload all your vehicle service and repair records. Utilize the virtual Glove Box to store all important vehicle documentation for back- up purposes.

Force Field 
The Force Field protects your vehicle from corrosion and/or oxidation on steel and aluminum, which can extend the lifecycle of your vehicle.



Simply plug it into that diagnostic port that’s under the steering wheel of every modern vehicle.

Download and install the free CHIP app on your Apple OR Android device.

Chip continually analyzes the data it collects as you drive, and provides you with real-time information about your driving habits and how your vehicle is performing.